If you ont always had thé idea that la france = nouvelle nourriture made only of unusual sauces, i can raconter you the (thankfully) this is absolutely not thé case. Since i like à taste auto typical dishes du each country, ns decided venir dedicate a short article entirely à the le meilleur places to eat in Aix-en-Provence et where you can fully enjoy thé local gastronomy, always with an excellent value for money. Let"s begin.

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The crêpes were mien lifeline, my safe haven where i took refuge every time i missed clôture (because yes, every good Italian begins to miss ce after a quick period ns time).

First du all, it is good venir differentiate: in france savoury crêpes are referred to as galettes, while seulement un the sweet ones are correctly defined as crêpes.

The galettes are in reality typical ns Normandy, but, fortunately, they have the right to now be uncovered of frais quality in the est différent regions oui well. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that the dough is made up ns half type 00 flour and half buckwheat flour. Native this they take a brownish colour and a an ext "fragile" consistency, marqué I can garanti you that ce is absolutely precious it! auto shape du the galettes is also square, and not round ont one would expect.

Cider is the boire that regularly accompanies auto crêpes (which deserve to be dry jaune sweet depending on how you favor it). It’s année excellent alternative to beer parce que le people like me who unfortunately don"t prefer it. It"s calmer slightly alcoholic, sauce soja I"d say it"s a sweeter déditions of beer.

Where venir eat

There are essentially three places where je tried this delicacy, which i will put right into order ns preference, indigenous the le meilleur to the "worst" (if this can even be defined).

Crêpes jusquà Gogo : this carré is located nous Victor étreignant Avenue, in auto subway beside thé Rotonde roundabout. In spite how it peut être seem (A crêperie in année underpass? Small and dirty? ) there is always a queue that blocks thé passageway et the crêpes space excellent. Cette was one ns the factors that commander me to return to Aix this summer: P

It provides a vast variety of crêpes, friendly service et moderate prices. However, there is non place à sit, cible a couple of meters far are thé benches du the coule Mirabeau (the henn course), where amie can sit and enjoy auto beautiful day. What"s more à like?

Pâte jusquà Crêpe: in the place des Augustins (always central), a lively et very nice pedestrian square, where there are also est différent bars. Out ns the three, ce is the une that je like thé least, cible it is a great alternatives if thé previous two are closed.

Pros: at midday they offer a menu that enable you to eat both sweet and savoury and save a little bit of money. Great prices, cible they’re obviously higher than Crêpes jusquà Gogo. I really choose the lare however, particularly in summer as it is joli to eat outside, nous the properties Provençal terrasses.


Other savoury delicacies

Although ns spend a parcelle of temps talking around crêpes, during ma Erasmus i didn’t seul eat crêpes, cible also quiches and baguettes.

These have the right to be uncovered of frais quality in any boulangerie (bakery) et the henchmen advantage is that they cost very little, so if your Erasmus budgets is to run low et you don"t savoir what à eat, je recommend trying these places.

In ma opinion, thé more du these that are small and hidden, auto better: castle are the ones the make not seul the meilleur bread, cible bread made according venir tradition. On the différent hand, I faire not recommend chains (such oui Paul"s), which still sell an excellent products, cible which, in ma opinion, ont something industrial around them and so they lose their typicality.

My favourite bakery to be is boulevard Espariat. Listed below is a image (I recognize that that beauty additionally comes from auto building).

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There is also a small green room outside along thé side du the Palais ns Justice Square: ce is controlled by an elderly lady who specialises in do quiche, extremely recommended given auto kindness, the prices (which space low) and the quality. Pay attentif to opened times because cette doesn"t remain open pour very long.


A separate article should yes, really be devoted venir kebabs. Although we peut être think the nowadays conditions météorologiques eat ce everywhere, the kebabs lock make here are different.

In the past years there ont been some strong waves du immigration, et the Arabs who resolved in auto south of la france have opened plenty of premises, whereby they make auto real Kebab, the une with a capitale K. Thé peculiarity is that the taste is stronger and they often put French fries inside.

In Aix over there is je vous demande pardon has to be named the best kebab of france of 2013 je believe, and it"s at the bottom of rue principale Mignet. Formidables recommended.

Also around carré Des Augustins (where there is Pâte à Crêpes) there are miscellaneous kebabs, which, in mien opinion, space just oui good, but maybe a little heavier venir eat.

Sweet specialities

Calissons. Lock are auto typical sweets du the city, which cost a fortune cible are very an excellent (and nutritious). They are fabriqué with a kind ns apricot paste spanned with a slim layer ns almond paste. Defined in this way, they do not sound an extremely appetising, but I can garantie you the they room good.

The only flaw is indeed auto price. They room very, an extremely expensive, especially si you buy them in boutiques follow me the opération Mirabeau, whereby they sell very beautiful grivois boxes. Ns personally went to pick them increase at auto supermarket, whereby they certainly won’t be as good, marqué you can at least eat them there is no having venir sell a kidney venir pay parce que le them.

And nous a rainy day quel can tu do? Well, go to Coco Bohème. Ce is a very nice place that makes chaud chocolate in certain (very tasty with marshmallows et more), marqué also tea, coffee and infusions. But be careful: the français hot cacao is prefer our chocolate milk.

When elle enter ce is compulsory to take éteindre your shoes (both in caisse of rain et sun... Haricot de soja take care with the chaussette that amie choose). Climate you aller down a floor secret where you can’t usage your mobile phone (eeeeeek) and where there space comfortable benches and sofas where you can spend a entirety afternoon daydreaming. Elle can study, couteau or even phat the numerous board games the are easily accessible free du charge par the café.

I practically forgot: nous rainy days thé hot chocolate costs fifty percent the normalement price. Not bad, eh?

What venir avoid

Finally, je vous demande pardon are the foods venir avoid in Aix?

Aix is normally considered auto Paris du the south, à la its architecture et prices. Avoid auto pizza, which costs from ten euros onwards, et which often doesn’t ont any mozzarella on cette but autre cheese, and which has actually nothing conditions météorologiques pizzas from Italy.

Avoid the pizza native Aix. Pour me, that method avoiding theft and année unsatisfactory meal.

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Finally, elle should also abandonner the idea of ice-cream. Je vous demande pardon my français friends defined as "Aix"s le meilleur ice cream" would actually be étendard gelato in Italy, so ns wouldn"t speak it’s exceptional, marqué it does price a fortune.

But, nous the other hand, you aller on Erasmus to discover nouveau cultures and new traditions (especially culinary), right?