Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: Re-Casting The Main Characters 10 Years Later If Edgar Wright had made the kích hoạt comedy Scott Pilgrim vs. The World today, how would the movie be re-cast?

Anya Taylor-Joy và Logan Lerman recast in Scott Pilgrim
Edgar Wright"s adaptation of Bryan Lee O"Malley"s graphic novel series has gained a strong cult following since its release in 2010. Its bizarre set of clip game aesthetics and comic-inspired cinematography did not sit well with reviewers or filmgoers, resulting in a box office flop.

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Since then, however, Scott Pilgrim vs the World has become a favorite among fans of Wright"s signature style và humor, và it has spawned one of the best arcade-style games in recent history. With the film"s recent 1oth anniversary, interest has been renewed, & you can"t help but wonder how different the film would have been if the cast had been different.

Logan Lerman & Odessa Young in Shirley
Best known for his roles in the Percy Jackson series of teen fantasy films & the book-to-film adaptation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Lerman has since gone on to lớn prominent parts in Fury and Darren Aronofsky"s Noah.

Known for playing an outcast & mildly geeky character, he would perfectly fit Scott"s self-deprecating, albeit lovable, personality. He would also bring a self-assured air that Michael Cera did not have & which many fans of the comics have argued for.

anya taylor joy as gina in peaky blinders
Proving her status as one of the most sought-after actors in the industry in Netflix"s The Queen"s Gambit, Anya Taylor-Joy has received several prestigious accolades (including a Golden Globe and Screen Actor"s Guild award) for her work in both film & television.

She would be more than perfect as the free-spirited và independent Ramona, as evidenced by roles in The WitchSplit, and The Miniaturist.

Saturday Night Live cast member since 2013, Kyle Mooney has proven time & again that he has the comedic chops và acting talent to lớn be the lead villain in an over-the-top-film like Scott Pilgrim.

Not only does he closely resemble Gideon, Mooney would no doubt jump at the opportunity to come away from the "friendless nerd" trope that he has been typecast in since his debut.

7 Olivia Liang as Knives Chau

Now known as the heroic Nicky Shen in the CW"s martial arts program, Kung Fu, Liang is a relative newcomer with only a handful of guest appearances & bit parts in well-known television programs. Her fire & tenacity shown in Legacies as well as Kung Fu would match the proud groupie of Scott"s band, Sex Bob-omb.

Knives starts out as being totally head-over-heels in love with Scott, but after he "forgets" khổng lồ break up with her before moving on khổng lồ Ramona, her darker side emerges.

Scott"s roommate, Wallace, was a scene-stealer when the film was released, và there are few actors who could fill Kieran Culkin"s shoes.

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However, the writer and performer known for the independent film hit, Eighth Grade, seems more than capable. Burnham is perhaps primarily known for supporting roles in Promising Young Woman and The Big Sick, và every time he brings a likability & the sort of kind-hearted snark Wallace needs to thrive as a character.

5 Zendaya as Julie Powers

This young actor has become a household name since her early days in the music industry and a starring role in Disney Channel"s Shake It Up. With roles in high-profile blockbusters lượt thích the Spider-Man franchise for Marvel Studios & the upcoming sci-fi epic Dune, she is on her way to lớn becoming one of Hollywood"s biggest stars.

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Her sharp sense of humor and cool demeanor are inherently endearing, & this would more than match the cold socialite that is Julie Powers.

With kudos from her lead role in The Farewell, not to lớn mention a fan-favorite performance in Jumanji: The Next Level, the rapper-turned-actor could easily be seen as Sex Bob-omb"s bitter, sardonic drummer.

As Scott"s former girlfriend, Kim holds a fair amount of resentment towards him, và her commentary on his love life throughout the film is both humorous and brutal. Plus, fans can already hear Awkwafina shout, "We are Sex Bob-omb!"

3 Taylor Swift as Envy Adams

Taylor Swift needs little introduction. With the release of her album Reputation in 2017, the singer-songwriter proved that not everything she wrote had lớn be sunshine and rainbows, and the sort of dark pop-punk attitude she displayed in her lyrics matches Envy"s character exactly.

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Envy herself re-invents her image after brutally dumping Scott và sending him into turmoil, taking on a "bad girl" image. She plays the part of the secondary protagonist in the film, & she is a constant reminder of Scott"s failures.

Although relatively unknown when compared to SNL heavyweights like Kenan Thompson or Kate McKinnon, Dismukes is a newly featured player for the live sketch show.

He has been nominated for several writing awards for his comedic work, và after viewing his portfolio of sketches in which he has appeared as a rather awkward và endearing character, Dismukes could properly portray Sex Bob-omb"s second groupie, Young Neil.

1 Douglas Booth as Stephen Stills

Booth gained public attention with his portrayal of love-interest Mister Darcy in the horror comedy Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. This British actor has also had starring roles in Jupiter Ascending and the Mary Shelley biopic, Mary Shelley.

He has proved himself as a competent actor over a handful of projects, và he also bears a striking resemblance to Stephen as he appears in the Scott Pilgrim books.

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