The department is the second level of administrative divisions nous the map of France.The department de Seine-Saint-Denis is situated in thé region du region de Île-de-France.The department de Seine-Saint-Denis has actually the num 93 et is divided into le 3 districts , 40 townships et 40 municipalities. Below elle will find the localization ns Seine-Saint-Denis on the map of France, et the satellite map ns Seine-Saint-Denis.

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Inhabitants du Seine-Saint-Denis were 1 382 861 in thé 1999 census and 1 491 970 in thé 2006 census. Area de departement of Seine-Saint-Denis is 236,20 kilomètre ². Populations density du Seine-Saint-Denis is 6 316,55 inhabitants revenir km².Biggest cities of department ns Seine-Saint-Denis, in number of inhabitants, space (2007 census):Montreuil, Saint-Denis, Aulnay-sous-Bois, Aubervilliers, Drancy, Noisy-le-Grand, Pantin, Bondy, Épinay-sur-Seine, Sevran, ns Blanc-Mesnil, Bobigny, Saint-Ouen, Livry-Gargan, Rosny-sous-Bois, Noisy-le-Sec, Gagny, ns Courneuve.You will find the towns list of Seine-Saint-Denis in thé bottom nous this page. Amie can consult the map du France, pictures, hotels, and all data of every town et village in auto department de Seine-Saint-Denis clicking conditions météorologiques these towns links.

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Name of biggest citiesof Seine-Saint-Denis
Census(2007)Area(km ²)Density(inh/km²)Altitude(m)
Montreuil102 0978.9211 445.8580 m
Saint-Denis100 80012.368 155.3432 m
Aulnay-sous-Bois82 51316.205 093.4047 m
Aubervilliers73 6995.7612 794.9740 m
Drancy65 8437.768 484.9247 m
Noisy-le-Grand62 52912.954 828.4983 m
Pantin53 3155.0110 641.7250 m
Bondy53 1595.479 718.2854 m
Épinay-sur-Seine52 0204.5711 382.9330 m
Sevran51 1107.287 020.6055 m
Le Blanc-Mesnil50 9108.056 324.2247 m
Bobigny48 1966.777 119.0550 m
Saint-Ouen43 9544.3110 198.1431 m
Livry-Gargan41 8937.385 676.5663 m
Rosny-sous-Bois41 2835.916 985.2869 m
Noisy-le-Sec38 8025.047 698.8165 m
Gagny38 2206.835 595.9070 m
La Courneuve37 2287.524 950.5342 m

Population 19991 382 861 inhabitantsPopulation 2006AreaPopulation densityVariation de density

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1 491 970 inhabitants
236.20 kilomètre ²
6 316.55 inhabs/km²Population density ns the department ns Seine-Saint-Denis is 6 316.55 inhabs/km². The french average populations density is 113 inhabs/km² (in 2006).">
+1.09 %/yearPopulation variation density pour the department ns of Seine-Saint-Denis is 1.09%/year. The french average population variation thickness is +0.7%/year (in 2006).">
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Île-de-France(11)Map of la france regionsSee the menu regions:Map of la france region">
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