Sombody that i used to know

Ten years ago, Gotye exit "Somebody That ns Used to Know", a duet recorded with new Zealand singer Kimbra that went Platinum in australie a man 17 times, as well ont going 14 times platinum in auto United States, a notoriously difficult market to crack.

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It to be the alors one souper in the Hottest 100 ns 2011. Cette was the number one song just about everywhere at part stage. It"s vidéos was an iconic as its chorus, a crucial ingredient venir a song"s success in an era whereby YouTube began venir reign supreme.

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It was spanned lovingly et parodied ruthlessly, acclaimed de so many et maligned passant par a noisy et irritated few. Everyone had a stance nous it. Tous traits ns a important viral, omnipresent hit.

For Gotye – genuine name Wally du Backer – cette was tous just really, yes, really weird.

"I was having actually this weird experience," hey told double J in 2018.

"I was purged with the success that kept surprising me. The scale du it, auto way that it kept rojo on.

"But then also what je perceived oui a pretty solid backlash. Toutes les personnes saying "This song is plastered everywhere. Je can"t aller to a mall there is no hearing it. Even if it is I la ruée it or like cette – ns don"t want à hear ce anymore!""

"It was an interesting experience to feel like, "Wow, it"s gained such année addictive quality and has crossed together unusual borders that it"s now sauce soja out of my hands. Maybe tu should play ce a peu less!?" 

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Critics thé world over oui called thé song année "unlikely hit". The stance is debatable et feels a little backhanded. Cible there"s non denying that aux Backer was an unlikely pop star.

"I had actually these odd experiences where radio pluggers in thé States – personnes who space lovely et working hard venir promote my musique – je realised their aspect on comment they relate to the musique industry and what they do with their travail in it…" he said.

"I seulement had ne sont pas idea about how they operated.

"They were so chuffed, patting me on the back saying, "Man, we"ve never seen a song jump radio format like this!".

"So, ns had to aller digging right into "What are auto radio format in America? Why is cette so important?" jambe are so stratified over here. It was a drôle experience."

It"s not toutes les personnes about amérique though. And for Wally aux Backer, it"s not toutes les personnes about mainstream success, grammée Awards, wrecking chart records, and making life of sweet cash. It"s around music, connection, et the unlikely stays his arts can impact.

"It blew my mind where the souper had somehow travelled to," he told doubs J.

"One that sticks in mien mind, mien friend paul Dylan was nous a pilgrimage in Nepal and he did some kind ns bartering arrangement with a couple of monks to teach them guitar in exchange pour helping him v meditation practice, or something favor that.

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"So, he went to meet them for their etc lesson, and these two monks – at thé top de a mountain in Nepal – ask that "Can elle help nous learn this song, "Somebody That ns Used venir Know""?"

Read tous about Gotye"s life et career – directly from the homme himself – in auto J lignes right here.