Song Joong Ki"s new makeover has really surprised his fans. As the actor is back to lớn his "Nice Guy" haircut the fans are speculating that tuy vậy Joong Ki is completely over tuy vậy Hye Kyo & is ready for a new life.

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The actor"s agency History D&C posted the video clip of tuy nhiên Joong Ki"s new look on its Instagram handle. Fans are extremely happy to lớn see tuy vậy Joong Ki in the clip as, apart from the news of his latest films, the actor was not seen anywhere publicly since his divorce from song Hye Kyo in 2019.

It looks lượt thích Song Joong Ki is taking a break and this clip is really a treat to the fans as the last time Joong Ki was seen on screen was in Arthdal Chronicles, the fantasy drama that ended on Sept. 22, 2019.

Meanwhile, the new look is being compared to his look in the drama Nice Guy that was also known as The Innocent Man in 2012. The 36-year-old actor had recently changed his agency khổng lồ History D&C after he quit Blossom Entertainment after seven years.

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Busy Shooting Since Divorce

Song Joong Ki has kept himself busy with work as he started shooting for the movie Space Sweepers that was tentatively named as Victory. Soon after completing the shooting, Joong Ki left for Colombia for his next project Bogota.

Currently, he is back in South Korea as the shooting of Bogota has been halted và will not commence until the beginning of next year due khổng lồ the effects of coronavirus pandemic. However, soon after Bogota Joong Ki was supposed lớn start shooting for Season of You và Me. Joong Ki was supposed lớn play the role of Yoo Jae Ha, the legendary musician. But according khổng lồ the latest news, Joong Ki has stepped down from this project due to lớn clash in dates & the role has been now offered to lớn Itaewon Class star Kim Dong Hee.

No New Projects for song Hye Kyo

Meanwhile, song Hye Kyo was rumored to have gotten back with her ex-boyfriend Hyun Bin. But these are still rumors & there has been no confirmation yet. Hye Kyo was seen in endorsements, taking part in Milan fashion week and was much in the eye of the public. She had announced that she was taking a break & also took a short-term course in New York. Hye Kyo has not announced any new projects yet.

Fans were wondering và worried why tuy nhiên Joong Ki was keeping himself away from the public eye. As this video is named teaser 1, fans are expecting more news from tuy nhiên Joong Ki. Currently, the actor is not on any social truyền thông platform & updates on him are provided by his agency.