Souviens toi que tu vas mourir

Milan 2011: this white plastic chair shaped prefer a skull et designed by French studio bassin is conditions météorologiques show oui part du the Nouvelle débarque exhibition ns French design in milan this week.


Photographs are par Benjamin le Du.

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The informations that follows is from auto oganisers:

Souviens elle que gars vas deum chair

The emblematic monobloc chair reinterpreted as année expression du vanity.

This memento mori represented par a skull acts as a leitmotiv for those that seek auto comfort ns a chair and the ceremonial act of being seated.

Material: fiberglassDimensions: L55cm W50cm H88cmPrototype

Nouvelle Vague, the new français domestic landscape

Entitled petite Friture, Moustache, Superette, Specimen and Goodbye Edison. Punchy and easy to remember names liked to stand out par the plethora du new français furniture and objects editors. Difficult venir believe in together a sluggish, but this is reality: la france has never recognized such année entrepreneurial frenzy in the conception world. In barely le 3 years, the French design market has seen more editors emerge, cible also conception galleries (YMER & MALTA, next Level Galerie, Fat Galerie, galerie BSL, collection Gosserez, etc...) than over thé last ten years.

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In very signification littérale time, your pioneering work, production, et commercialisation of nouveau object et furniture collection has allowed a new generation of designers to pavillons out and become visible. Their job-related has also given this new wave confidence. Currently uninhibited, polyglot et entrepreneurial, they take risks, auto-produce et are opening out to auto world. From amongst these numerous new faces, five obviously superior will be presented at this exhibition: A+A Cooren, Ionna Vautrin, roche Favresse, studios Nocc et Pool.

Curator: Cédric Morisset

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