auto characteristics de the super oral exam, auto new test that will pass the high lécole students indigenous 2021, space specified in auto & nbsp; Official bulletin on Thursday. In addition à making a presentation et answering a series de questions asked de the jury, auto student will have to current a destiné for more study.


The characteristics du the gros oral exam, the new juge that will passage the high lécole students native 2021, are specified in auto Official nouvelles on Thursday.

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In addition venir making a presentation et answering a series of questions asked par the jury, the student will have to existing a plan for additional study.

The frontière of the vaste oral exam ns the bac, the new juge that will pass the final year student in 2021, are now known. These features are thé subject du a composing in the Official Bulletin ns Thursday. rather classic, the formats of auto new audit still incorporates a small feature with a section devoted to a abordage concerning the future of thé student. Initially, candidates will advantage from 20 minutes of preparation. They will then uncover themselves standing and without notes in front du two teachers from different disciplines.

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thé high school student will certainly be judged conditions météorologiques their argumentative skills et their oratorical qualities. During thé preparation, the candidate will present to the jury two des questions that cette will oui worked conditions météorologiques beforehand. these will raconté to the specialties take away in the critique year.

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the jury will then select one du these two issues.

Ten protocole of interroger

thé oral ont such will start with a presentation, a five-minute presentation du the favored subject. During auto following ten minutes, thé jury will question the candidate on auto topic addressed. the two teacher will additionally be maybe to question the candidate on his knowledge ns the program venir bring him à clarify and deepen his thinking.

the most unexpected part comes in the last five minute of auto oral: a discussion about the student"s plan to continuez studying. aller not panic pour students who do not à savoir exactly what they desire to do after thé end du school, however. auto jury will greatly assess thé student"s thinking and not necessarily auto project itself.

A coefficient de 10

The dénormes oral audit will ont a coefficient de 10.

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This is much more than the philosophy coefficient, set at 8, cible less than auto two specialty expérience credited v a coefficient du 16.