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Sung Dong-il và His Family

Sung Dong-il is a legendary actor who has starred in many famous Korean films and dramas. With his excellent & natural acting, he is always able to bring characters lớn life, regardless of what the character is like. Just seeing Sung Dong-il on the screen, made many people curious about the actor’s personal life. Turns out, that Sung Dong-il has a beautiful family. Starting with his marriage khổng lồ Park Kyung-hee in 2003, this is Sung Dong-il’s family history.Quý Khách đang xem: Find out more about sung dong

Sung Dong-il’s Wife và Children


It was not Jung Il-hwa, who had been his longtime on-screen partner, that Sung Dong-il married in 2003, but Park Kyung-hee, who he had been dating for a while. Although he looks stiff, Sung Dong-il loves his wife and children very much. In an interview, Sung Dong-il said that Park Kyung-hye was the reason he worked hard khổng lồ make sure she will live very well. Sung Dong-il once revealed that he was a child out of wedloông xã. His childhood is not a beautiful thing. So he wanted lớn bởi everything he can so that his family wouldn’t feel the way he did before. Despite the hard life he lived, Seong Dong-il was able lớn overcome those difficult times with his wife.

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Sung Dong-il once said, with tears on his eyes, in an episode of Dad! Where Are You Going? that he was very grateful lớn his wife. At that time, he tried khổng lồ do business, but failed and got a big debt. And at the hardest moment of his life, he met his wife. But due khổng lồ difficult circumstances, the two of them couldn’t afford a wedding celebration. Then, his sister told Sung that his wife was secretly washing dishes at the Pork Bone Soup restaurant khổng lồ pay off debts. This made Sung Dong-il very sad, khổng lồ know that his wife was working behind his baông chồng, he felt guilty toward his wife. Since then, he has worked harder as an actor to lớn tư vấn his family.


Sung Dong-il and his son, Sung Jun, participated in a family reality show Dad! Where Are You Going? Broadcasted on MBC, Sung Dong-il & Sung Jun’s participation in this reality show lasted from 2013 to 2015. This is a program featuring five sầu celebrities and their children. The family takes a vacation in the countryside and all of them have lớn gain experience that will not be found in the đô thị. They have heartwarming chemistry as a father and son và are aước ao the most anticipated by viewers. However, in the next season, Sung Dong-il takes part again with his daughter, Sung Bin.

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Thanks khổng lồ their popularity in Dad! Where Are You Going? Sung Dong-il & his children got offers to Mã Sản Phẩm for children’s products & to appear in several commercial films, such us Pizza Maru, Lemontree, Olleh, Home Plus, và more. Sung Jun also appeared as a cameo in the Reply 1994 drama, starring Sung Dong-il.


Beside the reality program Dad! Where Are You Going? in 2017, Sung Dong-il returned khổng lồ the family reality program with his children Sung Jun and Sung Bin in Change the Classes that was broadcasted on tvN. Sung Jun and Sung Bin surprised the audience with their grown-up appearances. Unlike the program when they were young, Sung Dong-il & other actors và their children visited several countries that had unique educational methods. Within a week they had to take part in the learning process there và discuss the curriculum. Although at first, it was difficult lớn follow, Sung Jun and Sung Bin who had a good understanding of foreign languages were finally able khổng lồ adapt.

Sung Dong-il’s lovely family is always well anticipated by the public. When people ask why Sung Dong-il always works hard in the dramas or movies he is starring in, he says, “I have a lot of things I want khổng lồ give my children, so I have to lớn work hard without mistakes, & I can not take more time to prepare for my wife’s aging.” He is always grateful lớn his wife who always looks after the family from behind.