Recap / The Amazing World Of Gumball S3E20 "The Shell"

Episode 96The ShellpremieresTONIGHT at 7:00 PMrepeatsSATURDAY at 9:30 AMSUNDAY at 7:00 PMThis week...

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Gumball inadvertently cracks mở cửa Penny"s shell và discovers who she really is inside... While performing a school play, Gumball is so nervous about kissing Penny that he accidentally headbutts her & cracks mở cửa her shell. They discover that under Penny"s shell is an emotional shape-shifting inner self. Penny"s father is determined for Penny to keep it hidden but Gumball encourages her lớn show the world who, or what, she really is...​
It"s time for the big one! We"ve trekked through half of a season và we"re finally at the episode Ben has been teasing for over a year. He"s described this as a very beautiful episode that takes inspiration from Hayao Miyazaki. Personally, I lượt thích the idea of Penny just being a peanut with antlers. I remember reading her mô tả tìm kiếm back in 2009 và finding it amusing. But if Ben wants to lớn make her something different, then that"s fine by me. I"m sure it"ll be an interesting outcome to say the least.

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This episode was good. I"ve been waiting for this episode for a long time. It also washed away the horrible taste of last week"s episode from my mouth.Look out, Disney. This show is doing their own version of Beauty và the Beast.It"s that time again, kissing time. Back khổng lồ space we go.Oh, the headbutt! If that"s how you kiss, Gumball, then I hate khổng lồ see you cuddle.That crack over Penny"s eye looks pretty cool. Plus it sparks, making it even cooler.I can"t wait khổng lồ see what"s under Penny"s shell. It"s about as mysterious as what"s under a Shyguy"s mask.There it is! Penny sheds her shell to lớn reveal her true form! A grand shapeshifting creature. It certainly not what I was expecting. She appears khổng lồ keep her antlers throughout her forms.Hmm, she also appears khổng lồ transform based on her emotions. If she"s happy, she looks angelic. If she"s sad or angry, it"s not pretty...Gumball sure is dedicated to lớn Penny. After years of not spitting it out, he"s not going to thua trận her now.Nice move, Gumball. Making Penny turn small to dodge a semi.Damn, right in the feels. Và Gumball and Penny finally kiss.The ending was nice but I feel that it could"ve been a bit more. I wonder if we will see Penny"s true form again. Probably not until the season finale, I"m guessing.
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Pretty Good episode, maybe Gumball won"t be so nervous around her anymore, though I kind of lượt thích her shelled form better she still looks pretty good.

Definitely a step up from 2 weeks ago! A MASSIVE ONE AT THAT, too. God - Tier material, all around that actually contributes khổng lồ something worthwhile, without going into too much detail, even if just IMHO, too.I"m also glad khổng lồ see the writers are still taking Penny x Gumball seriously, seeing as they established it in the first place. Here"s hoping they can continue just as good, if not better work on this và future developments with it!