South Korean music & South Korean TV dramas are both hugely popular internationally, và right now there"s a place where they"re colliding: Descendants of the Sun.

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Starring heartthrob actors Song Joong-Ki & Song Hye-Kyo, this wartime drama isn"t the first K-drama lớn l& original soundtrachồng songs atop Korea"s music charts, but it is the most popular Korean show since 2013 both at home page and abroad -- và it"s making a huge impact on the Korean pop culture scene.

The show has already been viewed over 1 billion times in China alone, causing such a stirthat itreportedly led to lớn China"s Ministry of Public Security issuing a warning about it. In Korea itself, Descendants of the Sun is the most-watched primetime series, and its soundtraông chồng songs have sầu been dominating the local music charts.

Combining the talent & popularity of several singers with the emotional barrage of Descendants of the Sun, these songs have gone all but uncontested on Korean music charts throughout March, and are expected to continue khổng lồ soar on the highly competitive sầu Korean music charts throughout the over of the series.

While more songs from the soundtraông chồng will drop before the final episode airs, these eight songs set the tone so far.

"Always" – Yoon Mirae

The first tuy nhiên of the Descendants of the Sun soundtraông chồng was released on Feb. 18, about a week before the show first captivated K-drama audiences. Yoon, South Korea"s most groundbreaking female hip-hop artist và a talented balladeer, carries the heartfelt tuy vậy. She"sbacked by an acoustic piano at first, và later joined by orchestral accompaniment. The lyrics" promise of being together foreversets the tone for much of the series.

"Everytime" – Chen và Punch

To counter the sentimental "Always" comes the mid-tempo pop melody featuring K-pop idol Chen & the female soloist Punch. The harmonious blending of the pair"s voices create a backdrop for some of the series" earliest moments depicting the springtime romance budding between the lead characters. Like other songs from the soundtrack, "Everytime" has been sticking cđại bại to lớn the top ten on Korea"s music charts. The song"s popularity is increased by the fact that Chen is a member of the widely popular boy band EXO.

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"This Love" – Davibỏ ra

Vocal twosome Davibỏ ra can vị little wrong when it comes to evocative sầu ballads, and the poignancy of "This Love" proves that. Davichi"s back-and-forth, conversational duet is utilized as a stand-in for the unsaid words by star-crossed lovers, played by actors Jin Goo and Kyên ổn Ji Won. Simple piano arrangements play a key role in "This Love" before building up via strings khổng lồ a power ballad that acts as a backdrop to some of the most emotionally wrought scenes of the drama.

"You Are My Everything" – Gummy

Like the other songs released, "You Are My Everything" contains an integral piano melody. Gummy, who has been recognized time & again for her ability khổng lồ create ballads reflective of complex matters of the heart, leads listeners through the path toward falling in love sầu. Beginning soft & slow and taking more than two minutes to lớn reach its climax, the tuy nhiên is composed of two distinct parts to lớn depict the conflicting emotions of the characters throughout the series.

"Once Again" – Mad Clown & Kyên ổn Na Young

With hip-hop"s rise to mainstream in South Korea over the past few years, Mad Clown and Kyên ổn Na Young"s "Once Again" offers up an alternative sầu to lớn the pop ballads that make up much of this chart-topping soundtrack. With a thumping bass and an overall haunting melody amplified by the recurring distortion of Kim"s otherwise breathy voice, the traông xã succeeds in creating a different listening experience. Even as it offers musical variety within the soundtrachồng, "Once Again" is neatly tied inlớn the overall styling of the Descendants of the Sun soundtrachồng with the light piano melody laid beneath Mad Clown"s dramatic rap.

"Talk Love" - K.will

A pop song veering toward the realm of R&B, K.will"s "Talk Love" is the brighkiểm tra tuy vậy released through Descendants of the Sun. Like other songs from the soundtrack, "Talk Love" incorporates a piano intro before jumping into lớn a xinh tươi tune that wouldn"t be incongruous on an early Bruno Mars album. The singer"s impressive vocal range lends itself lớn the tune, but it"s thememorable whistling refrain that is the most iconic part of the traông xã.

"With You" – LYn

LYn"s inclusion on a K-drama soundtraông chồng ensures excellence, and the aching "With You" doesn"t disappoint. Aired during the second half of the series, "With You" provides an audible sense of angst và urgency faced by the war-torn characters. Again, the tuy vậy revives the piano elements that have woven their way throughout each Descendants of the Sun tuy nhiên, this time as an element of the building desperation vocalized by LYn.

"By My Side" – SG Wannabe

Continuing the trkết thúc, SG Wannabe brings soulful angst khổng lồ the soundtrachồng in "By My Side." Epitomizing the heartbreaking relationship of two of the characters, "By My Side" was introduced during the 12th episode of the series. The tuy vậy, sung by the Korean ballad trio, went lớn the top of local charts thanks lớn its tragic tone and stirring vocalization during a turning point in the plot of the blockbuster Korean drama.