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Originally intended to be one continuous two-cour series, due lớn production problems, the show's run ended early with episode 13. Re-airings of the original The iDOLM


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STER: Cinderella Girls is lượt thích the buổi tiệc ngọt of the most popular kid in class you get invited lớn even though you’ve never really talked to them before. When you arrive you realize, oh wait, you don’t actually know anyone there và everyone’s already talking to lớn each other. So you start filling a plate with carefully picked food before walking over lớn lean on the wall that’s not too close yet not too far from the crowd khổng lồ have people think you’re a loner while you begin slowly chewing away, trying to look busy. As a big tín đồ of the original iDOLM
STER, even if only tangentially, and iDOLM
STER holds a special place in my heart. But this… this was just never quite what I wanted it to be. I couldn’t find the passion in it that drew me in to the original so quickly – it felt way more nội dung with its character quirk busywork, and it never really lived up to lớn its potential. & frankly, I’m not sure if it ever even wants to. It spent so much of its time trying khổng lồ sell its characters to its rabid pre-existing fanbase, and what momentum it might try khổng lồ build only ended up dithering away through its obsessive focus on keeping its one-note personalities as intact & samey as possible. While the directors of this & the original iDOLM
STER do have very different styles, it really did feel like there’s a certain energy that was missing here. & it’s not quite that it was less upbeat (although it certainly was less upbeat) & more that it was missing this extra layer of creator personality. It felt like it was just going by the motions – lượt thích it was just being iDOLM
STER – what with it spending so much time on giving each character quirk its dedicated screentime. And, sure, you could make an argument that the original iDOLM
STER felt lượt thích it was directed by someone who likes The iDOLM
STER, while this felt like it was directed by someone who just really likes anime. Và with the less creator personality in this show it also apparently comes without any of the cynicism present in the original – this really is just much more content with its characters quirking it out và letting the fans bởi vì the rest of the engagement work. Something from the original that really caught me off by surprise was during the Gero-Gero Kitchen reality cooking show where they deliberately show these small visual asides lượt thích a cameraman focusing their camera on Haruka và Chihaya when they fell over, trying to frame their compromising situations with an enticing spin. The show wasn’t going khổng lồ make its quirks Super Nuanced Characters but it was moments like this along with how it liked khổng lồ revel in some of its obvious ridiculousness that I thought really gave it an extra breath of life. I bring this up because there was a scene halfway through one of the earlier episodes with three idols posing in police uniforms when one of them suddenly bursts open, revealing part of her chest. They give it a close-up shot & play it completely straight, with no cameramen zooming in or even any remarks from the audience. Và I was like, “what?”It’s a small scene, yeah, but it didn’t feel lượt thích something The iDOLM
STER would ever really do. It almost felt lượt thích a sort of cynicism in its own way, like the creators were sticking to their market data studies và concluded they needed to địa chỉ cửa hàng something like this every once in a while between all the quirk screentime to lớn maximise its fan appeal. But it didn’t stop there. I thought the biggest offender of this show’s constrained, passionless core was when three other idols ended up on a variety show and they play out their quirks without missing a single beat. Having them go on a variety show was fine, but having them go on a variety show & just letting their one-note personalities vì all the work felt pretty darn lazy. It put the focus on their inherent character, but since they’re pretty much entirely predefined entities there wasn’t a whole lot of personality khổng lồ them in the first place. Of course, you could draw the immediate comparisons to the original iDOLM
STER’s Namassuka!? Sunday, but that episode felt far more playful và self-aware. The show never really gives most of its expansive cast any particular nuance and it’s especially exacerbated by the very passive, self-contained writing – all the small moments of self-seriousness kept piling & piling but refusing to lớn burst, leaving the entire segment feeling even less passionate than some of its busiest of busywork. And I think it’s really a shame because this show’s more organic dynamics could’ve really worked well with the things it tried lớn do, và it didn’t have to lớn compromise any of its own integrity to vày it. The performances, while not entirely common, were fantastic visual treats, and they were great to see how far this show could stretch its creative muscles. Its dramatics had visual subtlety in spades, & it imbued a whole wealth of personality to even the smallest of gestures – a small hand movement or a slight sideways glance – that spoke quiet volumes by themselves and helped keep everything firmly grounded in the personal. I don’t think we've ever really had anything like this in the original iDOLM
STER outside of dramatic setpieces lượt thích episodes 20 and 24, so there were parts of this that almost felt like a completely different show. Because the more I keep looking at it, the more I can see its very obvious strengths. The genuine heart I could feel from Producer's final "You had a nice smile today" despite his usually stoic and uninvolved nature brought the biggest grin khổng lồ my face from all the shows I've seen in the past month, & it was a perfect reflection of both the Producer's và idols' journeys while very smartly playing khổng lồ this show's talents as an organic và natural product. It's something chất lượng to this show you could've only barely found with the original iDOLM