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After several weeks ns interruption, The Voice has finally known its result Saturday june 13, 2020 nous TF1. It is thé velvet voice of young Abi which to be sacred. Thé young man, 21, crushed auto competition de winning practically 53.4% ​​of auto votes. The abritait of Pascal Obispo is for this reason ahead Gustine, the candidat of Lara Fabian, Tom rochet coached par Amel Bent and finally Antoine Delie, the last representative of marque Lavoine's team. Si his discretion et his broad smile had currently massively seduced auto viewers of this nouveau season, his smooth puissance did the rest. Auto young singer, dressed in a golden costume, started the evening with If je Ain't obtained You Alicia Keys avant sharing a duet through Kendji Girac, se réconcilier winner de the program. For his last performance, Abi found his piano à perform Lonely by billie Ellish, title which enabled him à enter thé competition v Pascal Obispo. "It explodes in ma head. That a beaucoup of emotions. I’m really moved. Thank amie to thé public, give thanks to you to everyone that voted", cette reacted venir the microphone of Nikos Aliagas.

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Who is really the winner du season 9 de The Voice?

Abimaël Bernadoth, whose genuine name was, was frontière in Haiti.

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V his family, hey lives in Saint-Gratien in auto Val d'Oise department in the parisien region. The young homme was spotted by Aurélie Konaté, former participant of the Star academy 2. Conditions météorologiques his advice, bruno Berberes, spreading director of the Voice had gone to see him last lété in a payot where jeune singers can sing conditions météorologiques the microphone. Substitute English teacher in a Hauts-de-Seine college, Abi plays numerous instruments. Driven passant par his father, cette started musique with thé saxophone at 6 year old at thé Epinay-sur-Seine conservatory. At 15 hey tried his hand at auto piano but also played thé guitar and the drums. He expressed there is précis want à dedicate his victory à his greatly disabled sister. "The person i am, i owe a de nombreux to my sister. Since elle is disabled, she cannot live like me.

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Conditions météorologiques the one hand, je live a little pour both ns us. I'm twice as happy, twice ont happy
", cette explained in année interview.

The Voice 2020: Abi's victory is unanimous among linternet users

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