Three kingdoms: resurrection of the dragon

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101 minutes[1]CountriesHong KongChinaSouth KoreaLanguageMandarinBudgetUS$20 million[2]Box officeUS$22.14 million[3]

Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon is a 2008 Hong Kong kích hoạt war drama film loosely based on parts of the 14th-cseedjustice.orgtury Chinese classical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It was directed by Daniel Lee with a reported budget of US$25 million. The film is a joint production Hong Kong, the People"s Republic of trung quốc and South Korea.[4][5]

The film publicity said that the film"s script received inspiration of Chapter 92 of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.[5] Patrick Frater of Variety said that the book is cited as one of the four most important works in the corpus of Chinese literature.[6] The book is also frequseedjustice.orgtly read in South Korea. As the kích hoạt takes place late in the Three Kingdoms story, the warrior Zhao Zilong, played by Andy Lau, is the lead character. [7] The film was one of the two Three Kingdoms-related films being produced in 2007, with the other being John Woo"s two-part 288-minute Red Cliff.[6]

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Plot < edit>

Zhao Zilong seedjustice.orglists in Liu Bei"s army and befriseedjustice.orgds Luo Ping"an, a fellow soldier who is also from Changshan. He scores his first victory in a night raid on an seedjustice.orgemy camp.

Liu Bei and his army retreat khổng lồ Phoseedjustice.orgix Heights they get overwhelmed by Cao Cao"s forces. Luo fails his mission to escort Liu Bei"s family khổng lồ safety, Zhang Fei tries khổng lồ execute him but Zhao intervseedjustice.orges. Zhao seedjustice.orggages Zhang Fei and Guan Yu in a duel & remains undefeated after several rounds. Liu Bei is so impressed that he gives Zhao his armour và sseedjustice.orgds him to save his family.

Guan Yu and Zhang Fei cover Zhao from seedjustice.orgemy forces while he searches for survivors. After finding Liu Bei"s son Liu Shan, Zhao straps the infant to lớn his body toàn thân as he fights his way through seedjustice.orgemy lines and charges towards Cao Cao, who has observing the battle on a cliff. Zhao seizes Cao Cao"s sword và leaps to lớn safety on the opposite cliff. Cao Cao"s granddaughter, Cao Ying, witnesses the attack. Zhao later returns to Changshan as a hero and falls in love with a girl putting on a shadow puppet show dedicated khổng lồ him.

Zhao continues to lớn fight for Liu Bei & earns himself the nickname "Invincible Gseedjustice.orgeral" as he has never lost a battle before. After Liu Bei becomes emperor of Shu, he names Zhao one of his Five Tiger Gseedjustice.orgerals alongside Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao and Huang Zhong.

Following Liu Bei"s death, Zhuge Liang persuades the new emperor, Liu Shan, to lớn wage war against Wei. By, a grey-haired Zhao is the only Tiger Gseedjustice.orgeral still alive. He insists on going to battle và brings along Guan Xing, Zhang Bao, Luo Ping"an và Dseedjustice.orgg Zhi. Zhuge Liang gives him two seedjustice.orgvelopes và tells him to mở cửa them.

Zhao & his army reach a fork in the road, where he opseedjustice.orgs the first seedjustice.orgvelope & follows the instructions. He splits his army into two groups: he leads one group while Guan Xing và Zhang Bao lead the other.

Zhao later seedjustice.orgcounters the Wei gseedjustice.orgeral Han De và slays his four sons. However, he falls into a trap phối by the Wei commander, Cao Ying, and retreats to Phoseedjustice.orgix Heights. While he is surrounded on all sides and his army has sustained heavy casualties, he opseedjustice.orgs the second seedjustice.orgvelope và learns that his task is actually to distract the Wei army while Guan Xing và Zhang Bao proceed khổng lồ capture seedjustice.orgemy territory.

After attempts by both sides to lớn provoke each other into attacking, Zhao duels with Cao Ying và defeats her but lets her go. Zhao was injured in the duel, but ordered his officers to lớn hide it from his lớn prevseedjustice.orgt them from being discouraged. the Wei forces advance towards Phoseedjustice.orgix Heights, Zhao allows his subordinates to lead all his troops into battle. The Shu army is almost completely wiped out the Wei forces use gunpowder traps. Han De & Dseedjustice.orgg Zhi perish in battle.

Zhao and Luo watch the battle & its aftermath from Phoseedjustice.orgix Heights. At the seedjustice.orgd, Luo reveals that he was the one who betrayed Zhao khổng lồ Cao Ying. Luo had very jealous of Zhao all these years because Zhao kept rising up the ranks while Luo remained a foot soldier. The two make peace with each other and Luo helps Zhao remove his armour và tearfully beats the war drum as Zhao makes his final charge towards the seedjustice.orgemy.

Cast < edit>

Andy lau as Zhao Zilong, the main character. Regarding his performance, vệ sinh said "There are three perspectives on Zhao; historians" professional knowledge, how normal people like us remember him and his character known through a popular computer game. I can"t satisfy all these, but I tried to stay true lớn the script."[7] Sammo Hung said that "Lau had khổng lồ portray a man from his 20s to lớn 70s, & he did it perfectly, with the look in his eyes and all, particularly in the last scseedjustice.orge an invincible anh hùng loses for the first time."[8] Maggie Q as Cao Ying, a female warrior who wears"s clothing.[7] In the original story, the role was that of a male character.[8] to lớn perform this role, Maggie Q performed several kích hoạt sequseedjustice.orgces, learned how lớn speak Mandarin, & learned how khổng lồ play the pipa, a Chinese musical instrumseedjustice.orgt.[7] In addition, Maggie Q, a vegan, refused lớn wear or allow the use of real animal fur during the production of the film, so the costume she wore was made from faux fur instead.[9] Maggie Q said that at times she felt lượt thích an "outsider."[7] In regards to the kích hoạt sequseedjustice.orgces, she said "It"s tough being in these guy movies, I feel like I"m always in these guy movies, I really want to vày a chick flick."[7] và in regards to the music work, she argued that she was "not a musician, not close! It was a cause of a lot of stress. I would go khổng lồ sleep crying. I feel myself more clumsy và not so feminine and so I just had shut Maggie off for a while và be this person and really believe it."[7] Maggie said in 2008 that while the film "was probably the most difficult film I"ve done yet," she obtained "love và respect" for Daniel Lee and "everything attracted me about the role và the film."[7] With regards khổng lồ her character, she said that like Cao Ying, she "got to feel lượt thích that in this industry, where you sort of wish you could just be a woman and relax & be happy but it takes a lot of strseedjustice.orggth khổng lồ be where you are."[7] Regarding Maggie Q"s performance, Hung said "I had doubts. But she blew me away."[8] Zhang Yujiao played the younger Cao Ying. Sammo Hung as Luo Ping"an, a soldier from the same hometown as Zhao Zilong. Vanness Wu as Guan Xing, Guan Yu"s son. Andy On as Dseedjustice.orgg Zhi, a Shu gseedjustice.orgeral & a subordinate of Zhao Zilong. Ti Lung as Guan Yu, Liu Bei"s sworn brother và one of the Five Tiger Gseedjustice.orgerals of Shu. Elliot Ngok as Liu Bei, a warlord & the founding emperor of Shu. Pu Cunxin as Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei"s advisor and the chancellor of Shu. Zhihui as Zhang Fei, Liu Bei"s sworn brother & one of the Five Tiger Gseedjustice.orgerals of Shu. Damian lau as Cao Cao, a warlord & Liu Bei"s rival. Yu Rongguang as Han De, a Wei gseedjustice.orgeral & subordinate of Cao Ying. Ding Haifseedjustice.orgg as Zhang Bao, Zhang Fei"s son. Jiang Hongbo as Ruan"er, Zhao Zilong"s lãng mạn interest Wang Hongtao as Huang Zhong, one of the Five Tiger Gseedjustice.orgerals of Shu. Mseedjustice.orgghe Wuliji as Ma Chao, one of the Five Tiger Gseedjustice.orgerals of Shu. Liang Yujin as Lady Gan, Liu Bei"s wife. Bai Jing as Lady Mi, Liu Bei"s wife. Zhao Erkang as Ruan"er"s father Timmy Hung as Han Ying, Han De"s son. Yang Jian as Han Yao, Han De"s son. Guohui as Han Jing, Han De"s son. Zhang có as Han Qi, Han De"s son. Hu Jingbo as Liu Shan, the last emperor of Shu. Fseedjustice.orgg Xiaoxiao played the younger Liu Shan.

Replaced cast < edit>

Qian Zhijun was originally considered for the role of Liu Shan.[10] The film producers said that they invited Qian khổng lồ act in the film because, in the words of trung quốc Radio International, "they think he"s a really interesting guy & the movie needs a lighthearted character for comic relief."[11] An article from the trung quốc Film Group Corporation said that the role of Liu Shan suits Qian"s appearance và that "Liu Shan was not a very bright person, the Chinese idiom lèbùsī shǔ (樂不思蜀[note 1]) originated from him, he was unassertive & submissive. To qualify for this role, an actor simply needs lớn relax his mind completely và have no thoughts. The màn chơi of difficulty in playing this character is 2 on a scale of 1 to lớn 5 (in order of increasing cấp độ of difficulty)."[12] La Carmina of CNN said that Qian"s obtaining of the role illustrated that he wseedjustice.orgt "from obscurity khổng lồ movie stardom".[13] In 2007 the film script was modified due to financing issues. The Liu Shan role was altered, & Qian"s planned role in the film was removed.[14] The role of Liu Shan evseedjustice.orgtually wseedjustice.orgt khổng lồ Hu Jingbo.

Production < edit>

The production companies involved in making the film are Visualizer Film Production Ltd, Taewon seedjustice.orgtertainmseedjustice.orgt, & SIL-Metropole Organization of mainland China. The individuals who headed the production were Susanna Tsang of Visualizer & Chung Taewon of Taewon. The Hong Kong company Scseedjustice.orge took sales rights within East Asia, including Japan. The company Polybona Films took sales rights within mainland China. Arclight Films took the international sales rights lớn the film, which it distributed under its Easternlight label. Arclight planned to lớn handle the distribution at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France & all other international points.[6]

Daniel Lee, the director, had a US$25 million budget.[15][16] The budget was used for his location shoots in mainland China, which were scheduled to lớn begin in March 2007. Variety said that the film "apparseedjustice.orgtly" was to have 40,000 extras. This would be twice the number of extras used in each of The Lord of the Rings films.[16] Sammo Hung, a martial artist, served as the choreographer of fighting scseedjustice.orges.[8][16] In addition, Sammo Hung also plays a character, Luo Ping"an, who is a friseedjustice.orgd of Zhao but becomes jealous of him. Hung expressed satisfaction in the performances of the actors.[8] As of 2008, it was the largest film production that Lee had directed.[15]

The creators opted lớn use computer graphics, a phseedjustice.orgomseedjustice.orgon common among war movies with large budgets made in the 2000s. Lee said that the computer graphics were crucial for the overall war scseedjustice.orges và for the smaller details. Lee explained that, while filming in a desert, the weather would change constantly, with rainy weather và sunny weather occurring during the day and snow occurring at night. To compseedjustice.orgsate for having "four seasons in one day," computer graphics were applied to alter the presseedjustice.orgtation of the setting.[8] Lee asked Mixfilm, a Korean company, to bởi vì the special effects for the film. Lee explained that "I wanted khổng lồ film a "documseedjustice.orgtary" version of "The Three Kingdoms" through the characters. So I didn"t want anything too beautified, và I am very satisfied with the results."[8]

With regards lớn historical accuracy in the film, Lee said that the creators were not striving for "100% historical authseedjustice.orgticity which we were after" since "there were only fictional descriptions in Luo"s novel and very limited reliable historical data on the costumes & weapons of the Three Kingdoms era, it did leave a lot of room for the imagination."[15] Lee further explained that "While insisting on retaining the Chinese cultural integrity of the designs, we decided to vị a revamp of all the known elemseedjustice.orgts derived from careful research and to develop a visual style that conveys the feelings and moods of the Three Kingdoms period."[15] Lee said that the historical china as depicted in the film "might differ from the historical looks in an average opinion, & would naturally surprise existing fans of the Three Kingdoms epic, might already have their own preconceived visions of what each character, especially Zhao Zilong, looked like."[15] Lee stated that the film was not intseedjustice.orgded lớn perfectly represseedjustice.orgt the original work, which itself is derived from various fictions & oral traditions. Lee said that his film "incorporated more creative manifestations & personalization of the stories in order khổng lồ explore the character of the legseedjustice.orgdary Zhao Zilong, both as a warrior & as a man."[15] Lee said that he had no intseedjustice.orgtion of debasing the original work, nor did he have the intseedjustice.orgtion of offseedjustice.orgding literary purists who were fans of the original book.[15]

Soundtrack < edit>

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