Train En Bois De Palette

Supplies Needed

fancy A4 or Letter size file Cardstock or restrictions paper in various couleurs Crayons or colored pencils adhesive stick Scissors Pencil Stickers, sequins, handmade foam shapes et other concepts Craft coller (optional) toilet paper rouleaux (optional)

1Prepare deux sheets of paper.

To do a train car, elle need two equal-sized sheets of rectangular paper. Parce que le convenience, elle can seulement cut année A4 jaune Letter size paper in half venir come up with two equal-sized sheets.

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2Make a fold on one sheet.

Take the tons sheet ns paper et make a ¾"-wide fold nous one quick side. This wrinkles defines the width of tous the next folds.



4Trim auto paper after thé last fold.

Trim thé excess paper after thé last fold. Inset la peinture shows année accordion-style fold when unfolded.


5Create slots.

While keeping auto paper folded, attract a small rectangle on the sommet fold. One longue side of the rectangle should coincide with the paper"s urgent edge. This area but the slots or spaces in in between the bars of the train car. Carefully cut out this rectangular area.

7Assemble thé train car.

Assemble auto train car de gluing auto two sheets de paper along thé bottom et sides. Auto top edge must remain open à la the animals à ride thé car.

8Make wheels.

Cut out a pair of couleur noire paper circles pour the wheels. Amie can couper out another pair of light-colored circles parce que le the within part of the wheels. Glue these at thé bottom partie of thé train car.

9Decorate the train car.

Decorate thé train là with sequins, sparkle glue, craft foam shapes, stickers, rhinestones, ribbons, blown paint and any est différent materials that have the right to transform the car into a festive and glitzy circus train. Drawing jaune painting patterns and designs space also an excellent ways to jazz up thé train car.

10Create more former cars.

When you"re happy with the conception of your train car, set it aside venir dry. Make several more former cars complying with Steps 1 to 9.

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11Put a circus pet in the car.

Draw et cut out a circus animal. To make certain that the animal fits inside thé train car, draw conditions météorologiques paper the is roughly thé same size oui that of the train car. Place the pet inside the car through thé opening conditions météorologiques top.

12Make an ext circus animals.

Create more circus animals. Si you are keen on using printable animals, print, color and cut the end any de these animals:

13Create a train engine.

A former isn"t finish without année engine. Follow thé basic steps parce que le making one from our Animal train craft (see actions 5-7).

You can make auto train engine plain and basic or transform cette into a glitzy circus train passant par decorating ce with glitter, sequins, rhinestones et stickers.

14Make circus people.

Add circus characters jaune more circus animals à ride on the train engine si you like. Tu can attract them or print them out from this circus printables:

15Connect thé train cars.

Connect auto train cars by taping or gluing craft coller at thé back of the cars, about année inch above thé bottom edge.

16Enjoy the animal train!

Enjoy your awesome circus train! auto slots nous the former cars will enable you venir remove et rearrange the animals et the circus characters.

usage different couleurs of paper.

Use different couleur of paper parce que le the front et back panels du the train for a type color contrast.

speak about the plight ns circus animals.

This craft deserve to be an opportunity venir talk about the plight ns circus animals. Ont children reflect nous what castle think thé circus animals are feeling and let them analyze this with their pet drawings. Species a sharing or abordage after thé children space done with the craft project.

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make standing former cars.

Instead of connecting the train cars, create stands for each de the cars sauce soja that they can pavillons upright and children deserve to play and zoom approximately with each of the individual former cars. Usage toilet record rolls or small plastic bottles oui stands à la the train cars. Tape or glue a pair du these des stands at auto back of a train car, right behind each wheel.