Truyện Chúng Ta Là Một Cặp

Alternative : 僕らがつがいになるまで (Japanese); Until We Become a Pair (English); Đến Khi chúng ta Là Một Cặp (Vietnamese - giờ đồng hồ Việt - TV)

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Bokura ga Tsugai ni Naru Made summary:

Okino is living a difficult life being an Omega và the eldest among the 8 siblings. So he works hard in his studies while juggling multiple jobs. All he wants is lớn destroy the wall (the law of nature) that is imposed on him but a first year Alpha keeps on following him around.
Maybe coming in the next issueBokura ga Tsugai ni Naru Made chapter 6Bokura ga Tsugai ni Naru Made chapter 7

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