Wild Rift Is "Unable To Login With An Account From This Region"

Running into “unable to login with an trương mục from this region” error when you try lớn login Wild Rift? Don’t worry! This is a common issue. Although it’s quite frustrating, the good news is you can fix it on your own quickly và easily!

Possible causes of this issue

The login error message “unable to lớn login with an account from this region” suggested that your tài khoản is currently not accepted to login. If your region is not available for the regional mở cửa beta now, you would receive such a login error message when you try khổng lồ login.

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In early December (subject to lớn change), Riot is aiming lớn start service in the following locations:

EuropeMiddle EastNorth AfricaOceaniaRussiaTaiwanTurkeyVietnam

In Spring 2021, Riot’re planning lớn start service in the Americas. All other regions will come later.

If you are not in the xuất hiện beta regions above, or if you are in the open beta region but Riot hasn’t started service yet, you will run into the the login issues lượt thích “unable lớn login with an account from this region”.

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How to fix Wild Rift “unable khổng lồ login with an account from this region” issue

Are you wondering why Riot konws that you’re not from the xuất hiện beta test regions? The mechanism is quite simple: when you try lớn login lớn Wild Rift, Riot trò chơi server can detect the IP address of your device. According to your IP address, Riot game server can tell if the IP address is from the open beta kiểm tra regions. If your IP address is from the xuất hiện beta kiểm tra regions, Riot would not grant you access.

After we know the mechanism behind it, lớn fix this issue becomes quite easy. As long as you change your IP address to the one that appears lớn be from the Wild Rift OBT regions, the Riot game servers would accept your login request.

The easiest way to lớn change your IP address is lớn use a VPN tiện ích on your smartphone. After using a VPN, you’re waering a disguise when you try khổng lồ login. There are many benefits after you use a VPN connection khổng lồ access online resource and services. With VPN, you can

encrypt your online data lớn protect your privacySecure your persional infoamtion when using public Wi-FiAvoid ISP trackingUnblock geo-restricted websites và online services
We don’t recommend using those “free” VPN apps, as không tính phí things always come with a price. If you don’t know which VPN khổng lồ use, here we recommendExpressVPN and NordVPN.