Upon your arrival in France, you must validate her long-stay passeport valid ont a residence permis (VLS-TS, visa long séjour valeur titre aux séjour). You oui three months to take the necessary steps. An excellent news: since 18 February 2019, whatever can be done online!

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As soon oui you venir in France, elle must validate her visa. Auto process is totally digital: you can à faire everything remotely, at home, nous your computer. Amie must validate your passeport within 3 months of arriving in france at the very latest.

What aller you need to validate your VLS-TS visa?

You will certainly need:

a valid email address,infromation nous your visa,your date of come in France,your loger address in France,a banque card to pay online auto fee à la issuing thé residence permit.

What si you à faire not oui a banque card?

Don"t worry! you can buy an electronic stamp (timbre électronique) at a kiosk, at a devoted terminal, et pay in cash.

Enter thé information conditions météorologiques your visa: passeport number, daté of beginning et end du validity, cétait une date of issue, reason for stay;  Enter auto additional information: family circumstances, phone call number, email address;  Indicate her date of arrival in France et your address in France;  Pay thé stay tax ns 50 euros:

Done! Your visa is validated.  

You will receive deux emails.

A tons email through your login details. You will need cette to accessibility your account. It will save on computer the confirmer of thé validation de your VLS-TS visa.  A seconde email confirming the information you entered online. You can download auto email de confirmation du the validation du your VLS-TS visa.

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You have to validate her VLS-TS visa within le 3 months of arriving in France. This entitles amie to:

Lawfully stay in France à la your visa"s whole validity period. Leave France, past the le3 months adhering to your arrival, without asking parce que le a visa to come back. 

Good venir know

For the first 3 months after you arrive in France, you pouvez freely leaving France and come back, even without having validated your VLS-TS visa.

After these le 3 months, si you have not validated her VLS-TS visa, elle will need venir apply pour a new visa to return to France.


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