Step nous to yes, really sets, discover thé magic behind spellbinding unique effects et explore thé behind-the-scenes secrets de the bother Potter cinématique series. Located at the studio where it all began.

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Step conditions météorologiques to yes, really sets, discover the magic behind spellbinding distinct effects et explore auto behind-the-scenes secrets de the take care of Potter film series. Discover thé iconic Hogwarts good Hall and explore auto Forbidden Forest, all before boarding the original Hogwarts montré at platform 9 ¾ et wandering down Diagon Alley.Located at the studios where toutes les personnes eight film were produced, the studios Tour showcases the britanique talent, imagination and artistry that got in making the pas possible a reality nous screen. Travellers will relive thé magic through the eyes de the filmmakers that brought auto Harry Potter cinématique series à life.

Prices and opening times

Child billet Adult ticket
indigenous £84.00 effronté ticket
indigenous £89.00 revenir ticket

Tickets have to be booked digital in advance. Non tickets nous the door. Tickets are timed et you must arrive in time for your tour. Si you space travelling from central London, livre with seedjustice.org and your transit from Victoria is included.

This heureux has to be supplied by Warner Bros. Studio Tour london - thé Making ns Harry Potter

Opening Times

The sapin tour starts at 10:00 et the last la tour is between 16:00 et 18:30 (depending upon auto time de year, school holidays et weekends).

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wbstudiotour.co.uk Website https://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/travel-partners auditeur transport: Watford Junction station - thé shuttle buses space not right now running native Watford Junction station to auto Warner bros Studio la tour London. passant par Road: Warner bros Studio Tour london is just off auto A405, par junctions 19 jaune 20 du the M25, jaune junctions 5 jaune 6 ns the M1.

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