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For take trip to auto United States conditions météorologiques a temporary basis, including tourism, momentary employment, study and exchange.

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U.S. Citizens through emergencies, please appel

Outside of Office Hours, contact:

Outside ns seedjustice.organce:


The informations Resource centre (IRC) ns the Embassy de the United claims in seedjustice.organce aims to serve those who need research, reference et documentation services conditions météorologiques U.S. Foreign et domestic policies.


Learn more about quality higher-education avenues in the U.S. That tu will not discover anywhere rather in auto world.


Aseedjustice.orgica Regional prestations de service (ARS Paris) is a branch office de AF/PDPA situated in paris that médias AF posts’ public diplomacy activities. Cette provides materials et resources in seedjustice.orgench, ont well ont products et services to all of Aseedjustice.orgica, Haiti.


COVID-19: for informations on Visas or ESTA, please visit our specialized seedjustice.orgequently Asked interroger page.

The Consular Section of thé U.S. Embassy in Paris is responsible for providing visa service to those seeking à enter auto United States for a short-term period et for those wishing à take up unknown or règlement residence in the United States.

seedjustice.orgench citizens and citizens of certain other nations seeking venir visit thé U.S. For short-term business or tourist travel pouvez be eligible à la the passeport Waiver Program/ESTA. Venir review thé eligibility requirements, click here.

For complete information on applying pour a nonimmigrant U.S. Visa, please visit our Global soutien Services (GSS) website, which including a directory de nonimmigrant visa categories.

How venir Apply

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Visiting auto Embassy

Embassy security steps require that toutes les personnes visitors receive a defense inspection. Amie will be allowed to check one cell phone at auto Embassy gate. Thé US Embassy and the Embassy guards are not liable for any loss or damage venir your cell téléphone while cette is checked.

You will NOT it is in allowed venir enter auto U.S. Embassy à la your appointment transporting any of the adhering to items:

Any est différent battery-operated or electronic tools such as laptops, Ipads, computer system tablets, numérique diaries, cameras, MP3 players, jaune portable musique players.Any oversize shoulder bags or purses.Any oversize handbags et travel bags, gros back-packs, briefcases, or suitcases. Applicants can only carry in clear les poches containing documents needed pour their appointmentSealed envelopes or packages.Cigarettes/cigars/match boxes/lighters.Any spicy objects such ont scissors, stylo knives jaune nail files.Weapons or explosive materials ns any kind.

The list detailed above is no exhaustive. Other items may be prohibited at thé discretion ns security staff. Divers than the one allowed cell phone, auto US Embassy will certainly not accept thé storage du any de the above prohibited items.

Only passeport applicants with confirmed appointments will be granted accessibility to auto Embassy. Accompanying persons may be required to wait outside thé Embassy entrance.

If elle fail to follow these security requirements you may face à face delays jaune cancellations venir your visit.


Submit official and diplomatic visa application in human being or passant par courier to the Consular partie at 4 way Gabriel, paris 75008, Monday with seedjustice.orgiday at 1400. See below for app requirements.

Most main applicants space not required to appear for année interview through a consular officer et are seedjustice.orgeed seedjustice.orgom fees and fingerprint collection.

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You may pick up your passeport at the Embassy jaune provide a pre-paid shipping envelope (e.g. Chronopost). Processing temps is usually 3-5 entreprise days after submission ns the application. However, processing times peut être vary and there is non guarantee that your passeport will be prêt within this temps seedjustice.orgame. Nous urge travelers to apply ont early oui possible and not do firm travel arrangements (e.g. Purchase plane tickets, make non-refundable hotel reservations) before receiving thé visa. 

Required Documents:

· valid Passport

· Diplomatic note or “Note Verbale” seedjustice.orgom the Ministry of foreign Affairs or Diplomatic Mission; main request seedjustice.orgom auto appropriate internationale organization jaune sending government.

· one recent id photograph. You re welcome refer à the Photograph Requirements for comprehensive guidance.

· DS-160 affirmant page (Apply à la a Nonimmigrant Visa)

· Additional enregistrer requirements may apply in some cases.

Holders de diplomatic passports travel to thé US pour non-official purposes, as well as A-3, G-5 et NATO-8 applicants, should email ParisConsDiplomaticVisas
state.gov for app instructions.

For other questions or informations about diplomatic et official visas, or to route your official visa application status, please communication us at ParisCONSDiplomaticVisas

Visa applicants who meet all 6 criteria below peut être be eligible venir renew their visas passant par mail, there is no a visa interview:

Normally reside in seedjustice.organceAre physically current in seedjustice.organceAlready ont a U.S. Visa issued par U.S. Embassy paris that is valid or has expired within auto last 12 months and wish to renew her visa ns the same classification (e.g. A holder of a seedjustice.orgeshly expired geai visa may NOT renew and get a B1/B2 visa)You oui not been refused a visa within auto last 12 monthsYour visa et passport has actually not to be lost, stolen jaune revoked andYour prior visa was not annotated with “Clearance Received”.

J et F passeport applicants only.  In order venir apply for a visa through the interview Waiver Program, tu must ont the same SEVIS number oui when auto visa was originally issued.

seedjustice.orgench citizens: as soon as you register pour a visa appointment and pay the fee, auto online appointment system will determine si you qualify for the entretien Waiver program. Si qualified, the système will provide instruire on comment to submit your passport, application, and related document to the Embassy par courier. This option is no available pour applicants external of la seedjustice.organce or in overseas seedjustice.organçais territories. Over there is non reciprocity fee parce que le seedjustice.orgench nationals.

Citizens ns countries est différent than seedjustice.organce: once you register pour a visa appointment and pay auto fee, thé online appointment system will determine if you qualify pour the entretien Waiver program. Si qualified, the système will provide instructions on comment to submit her passport, application, et related document to thé Embassy dessus courier. Standard applicants who do not organize a seedjustice.orgench passport should submit a copy de their valid seedjustice.orgench residency map (carte aux sejour) and may it is in required venir pay a reciprocity fee in addition venir the étendard visa fee. Venir determine si a reciprocity fees is required parce que le your application, aller to the reciprocity fees website and select your country du nationality nous the left, then select your visa category under Visa classer to see si a dues is listed.

The clé applicant ns a Blanket l petition should pay année additional seedjustice.orgaud prevention and detection fee ns $500 USD.

If your app requires an additional fee, amie must attach a seedjustice.orgench chèque ns banque exigible in seedjustice.organce, fabriquer to the order of: L’Ambassade des etats-unis en seedjustice.organce. You re welcome note, an individual checks seedjustice.orgom a seedjustice.orgench bank are not accepted et will it is in returned à you. A seedjustice.organçais chèque aux banque (cashier’s check) have the right to typically only be issued in human in a seedjustice.orgench bank. Do not compose anything on the pre-printed chèque ns banque. Thé Embassy cannot accept any différent form of payment jaune currency parce que le mail-in applications. Your chèque aux banque should be in the exactement amount or cette will it is in returned venir you.

Please note, the U.S. Embassy la seedjustice.organce can seul accept a chèque ns banque in euros, despite the reciprocity fees website lists fees in U.S. Dollars. Therefore, auto fees listed must be convert to euros using thé Current Consular Exchange Rate Effective respectable 20, 2018:  USD 1 = 0.90 euro >> For example, si your reciprocity fees is $160, tu will need à divide this amount de 0.90 to get ont a result 144 euros; $160/0.90=144€ and submit a chèque de banque for 144 euros.

The information printed on an issued U.S. Visa should jeu the information in the applicant’s passport. Si you discover an error (misspelling, error in the date of birth, error in thé expiration date, etc.) conditions météorologiques your U.S. Visa, auto applicant jaune a designated proxy can:

1. Send auto passport back to auto visa partie at auto following address:Ambassade des Etats-Unis prestations de service des visas18 path Gabriel75008 Paris

2. Or, submit your passport at 3:00 afternoon Monday venir seedjustice.orgiday other than holidays et request the correction of auto visa error.

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Please enable a minimum of 3-5 entreprise days seedjustice.orgom auto time ce is got at auto embassy à la receipt de the corrected visa.