The Unsolved Mysteries reboot has actually taken Netflix by storm and it seems many people have been particularly gripped de the Dupont aux Ligonnès killings.

Vous lisez ce: Xavier du pont de ligones

In house of Terror, thé unusual and harrowing deaths of agnes Dupont de Ligonnès et her four youngsters were examined.

They were found under their house porch and the main devine – husband and father Xavier Dupont aux Ligonnès – has actually been missing since

Since the gruesome discovery, Xavier has actually been the subject of année international arrest warrant et was last seen alive on CCTV in April 2011, near a budget hotel in the south of france where he abandoned his car.

The internet has been ressentir into a frenzy, through many toutes les personnes speculating about sightings and theories behind the harrowing story.

Recently, auto show’s creator Terry Dunn Meurer revealed he’d to be “spotted” in Chicago, et the director Clay acteur has hinted at hundreds of reported sightings.

And thé director à la the episode, Clay Jeter, revealed unseen evidence nous the case, including how Xavier spoke to his wife around “mass suicide”.

Here is every little thing we know about auto theories surrounding thé Dupont ns Ligonnès’ disappearance.

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Who is Xavier Dupont du Ligonnès?


Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès was thé son de Bernard-Hubert Dupont de Ligonnès, an engineer through a level from auto École nationale supérieure aux mécanique und d’aérotechnique in Poitiers.

His mère was Geneviève Thérèse Maître and he was attaché on January 9, 1961, in Versailles.

The Ligonnès family is année old aristocratic french family, from Annonay in the Vivarais region in south-eastern France.

Not lot is known about Xavier’ Dupont ns Ligonnès an individual life.

He was a salesman et businessman and was oz the pdg of a société named SELREF, based in Pornic, south-east France.

Xavier married agnes Hodanger in 1992 et they were ensemble until she died in 2011.

When Xavier and agnès got together, elle had autre son, Arthur Nicolas, native a previous relationship. However, Arthur was lugged up as Xavier’s child and they married when cette was two-years-old.

Xavier and Agnes then had three youngsters together: planche à découper (aged 18 at time du death), anne (16) et Benoît (13).

Is Xavier Dupont du Ligonnès dead?


Xavier Dupont du Ligonnes Netflix
One ns the henn theories behind Xavier Dupont aux Ligonnès’ disappearance is that he killed himself after murdering his family.

In 2013, french police stopped looking for his body, v Prosecutor brigitt Lamy speak that she believes that cette committed suicide and adding: “We will certainly be certain of cette the day conditions météorologiques discover his body.”

Ever since, multiple bodies ont been discovered around the area Dupont ns Ligonnès to be last seen. In 2013, a body was found in Cogolin, cible police confirmed it was not him, while in 2015, a walker discovered bones in Bagnols-en-Forêt along with a survival camp of a lighter, glasses, resting bag, empty wallet et a facture dachat from 2011.

However, officier de police compared Dupont aux Ligonnès’ DNA with DNA obtained from auto personal effects discovered around thé bones et determined the there was not a match.

Unsolved Mysteries director Clay acteurs recently spoke the end about one “significant” mission in Xavier Dupont’s personality that might be key to thé case.

Speaking on the podcast, you Can’t do This Up, hey said: “It’s really significant à understanding comment the expectations de his sapin matched up with the first he was living – auto American dream fell into this. Hey was année entrepreneur, now he’s unable to do to auto epicentre de capitalism in the world, America. à prove venir everyone that he really is excellent, les états-unis damérique makes sense. Of course, hey goes to america and it doesn’t job-related out choose that.”


auto Dupont ns Ligonnès loger Netflix

What are thé latest theories bordering Dupont’s disappearance?

Since the documentary dropped conditions météorologiques the diffusion site, there has actually been a beaucoup of attention in Dupont’s disappearance et whereabouts with nouveau theories coming the end daily.

Theory one: Xavier was “framed”

One de the latest theories is that Xavier may have been “framed”.

Clay jeter says cette spoked venir Xavier’s family lawyer stephen Goldenstein, that doesn’t believe he could oui done it.

Jeter said: “I’m speaking to stefan Goldenstein – his family’s lawyer, who represents his sister, her husband and Xavier’s mother. Hey would say, ‘He wouldn’t ont done this, because he has ne sont pas motive. Cette couldn’t oui done this, because hey doesn’t ont the an abilities to ont pulled something choose this off."”

In auto documentary, thé area whereby the extrême were dug underneath thé terrace is very low. Therefore acteur says “It would be a tonne ns physical charrues to remove this soil venir remove that much soil.”

Xavier additionally reportedly had actually a mauvais back, with acteurs adding: “There’s seul no way he would have been able to à faire that himself.”


Xavier Dupont ns Ligonnes Netflix
This has raised thé question, de who could oui possibly committed the crime.

Jeter continued: “One theory is that Xavier was captured up in part stuff that nous don’t really understand and the letters that Xavier wrote, these were tous forced and actually there were expert killers, that did tous of this – eliminated Xavier’s family and later killed him et framed Xavier à la the murder du his very own family. Really this was seulement something Xavier was captured up in his possibly financial desperations and that’s comment that tous came venir pass.

“We don’t know who these players are or what their motivations were, but it’s une idea of how this could ont been done sauce soja professionally et still explain the disappearance ns Xavier – that cette actually was murdered, cible he to be murdered far from the patrie in a way that to be designed venir look like cette had killed them and gone nous this roadway trip et disappeared et run off.”

Theory two: The caisse is a “cover story pour something else”

Another theory acteur pointed out relates to the mysterious letter indigenous Xavier, claiming hey was a U.S. Métro agent who had actually entered thé witness protection program, and another letter his children’s exclusive Catholic écoles received, explaining they were moving à Australia.

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Jeter sûr when thé autopsies were done one the bodies, “There was ne sont pas visual identification” to confirm who the bodies were.

He described in auto You Can’t do This up podcast: “The est différent theory the is even an ext outlandish – when auto autopsies to be done nous the body, it was pretty obvious à everyone associated that nous were missing a mother et four children et two dogs, et low et behold, this is a mother, and four children and two dogs. They around matched ages and genders, soja there’s non real need venir go and dot every i and cross ever t nous this, because it’s kind du obvious je vous demande pardon happened here.

“So, ‘Let’s plunder this up quickly, let’s move on, laissez-nous allow these bodies to be buried an extremely quickly, et let auto family get some peace.’ but in that process, there was DNA proof which said that the bodies which were uncovered were tous related to each other, marqué there was no actual proof which stated this actually is Arthur, Agnes, Thomas, Binuar, Anne. There was non evidence conditions météorologiques specifically who they are.”


Jeter lugged up a “conspiracist” theory, which declared that auto bodies were “kept away.”

“There was no visual identification,” hey explained. “They kept the family the end presumably due to the fact that these bodies had actually been buried pour a while et they nothing look sauce soja good. But the conspiracy theory might say, ‘They were kept away’ lock weren’t brought in, over there was non visual identification. And a coupler days later on they to be buried. Et it no until later that nous said, ‘Did nous mess something increase here, should we have done a little bit more?’

“Again, that is quite farfetched, marqué the idea is, ‘Ok if it’s no them, who is it?’ et in that scenario, whether cette was actually the DEA jaune something rather similar, Xavier was kind ns telling thé truth in that letter, and he et the family members are la fin in hiding somewhere and there to be a whole system that helped them v this escape and planted these bodies, et the cover histoire is that Xavier murdered his whole family.”

Theory three: Xavier said Agnes cette wanted a “mass murder”

During his appearance nous the you Can’t do This up podcast, acteurs said Xavier had told his wife Agnes hey wanted a “mass murder”.

“Agnes was very religious,” cette said. “Xavier to be theoretically religious. Agnes had been posting stuff on some forums and expressing to personnes in these smaller sized communities auto issues she was having with Xavier et the relationship they were having. Xavier said her, ‘All of us dice in a mass suicide would no be auto worst thing parce que le us’.”

The director likewise suggested a potential motive for Xavier, saying: “You can follow follow me someone’s head space marqué it’s very challenging when they aller ahead through it. I à faire think in Xavier’s mind hey believed that cette was saving them native a tons of embarrassment, a first of dead which is seulement the worst possible thing parce que le him.”

Theory four: Xavier’s case shares link à past murder

To assist with auto huge interest, Netflix freshly released a series of unseen vidéo clips et interviews on each ns the six cases including auto Xavier Dupont ns Ligonnes story.

With année international arrest warrant à his name à la nearly a decade, numerous now doubt if Dupont will ever be found. Cible not reporter Anne-Sophie Martin, a key voice in the house of Terror episode.

As she explains in newly-released footage from thé show, those looking à la hope need seulement un to remember the caisse of homme List, a secret that bared astounding similarities venir DuPont’s.

“In thé United states there is a much-cited boîte that resembles the Ligonnes des boites in a fascinating and disturbing way,” she says, explaining comment List, a struggling accountant living in a well-off neighbourhood, killed his family members over the course of a job in November 1971 avant disappearing completely.

However, on 1st célibataire 1989, list was finally caught passant par law enforcement.

“They uncovered list because du a tv show,” explained Martin. “On this démontrer they offered age-enhancing software program to âge John List’s face, so oui to seul what this fugitive could look favor who had actually been conditions météorologiques the run for 18 years.

“There to be a woman who saw ce who said: ‘That’s ma neighbour!” and it was elle neighbour.”

Where is Xavier?

According à Jeter, there oui been hundreds de sightings ns Xavier, with personnes claiming to ont seen the “everywhere”.

“When this came à light in 2011 it was huge. I think they ont documented 800-900 sightings ns Xavier in the last decade? people are see Xavier everywhere,” acteurs explained.

“I ont to hope it’s possible. That’s je vous demande pardon motivated thé producers of this show. Spring at Netflix and the reach ce has, it’s sauce soja vast, you seul never know.”

Is Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès in France?

According to newly exit clips, there ont been end 1000 report sightings de Dupont – plenty of which insurance claim to have spotted Dupont in his locale area.

In an exclusive clip posted in a la gestion on the diffusion site’s Reddit page, Dupont’s constitue neighbour Estelle Chapon sûr that she often looks pour him.

“When ns in a crowd, ns look for him. It’s année urge too super to resist,” elle explained.

However, martin says that she doesn’t believe Dupont would certainly hide the end in France, speak it’s an “insult à Xavier’s intelligence”.

“In the des boites of Xavier, over there are much more than 1,000 reported sightings. These are toutes les personnes who think they ont seen Xavier Dupont du Ligonnes a little bit anywhere: conditions météorologiques a bus, nous a café patio, in a restaurant, at a device booth, or in a crowd. There were numerous at tons when his image was tons being shown,” guttin explained.

“Most of these sightings are in France, which ns think is an insult venir Xavier’s intelligence to think that he would stay in the country. Because he’s likewise not the frais to à faire plastic surgical treatment so as to paragraphe unnoticed. So you know ns think he is alive et living very tarif aware from here.”

Is Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès in hiding in un autre country?

Other theories imply that Dupont aux Ligonnès has actually been nous the run because murdering his family tandis que to auto methodical means in i m sorry his family were killed and the way it was potentially covered up.

The lease nous the family page daccueil had to be terminated, all banks closed, friends et family to be told passant par letter that the Dupont ns Ligonnès were emigrating à Australia.

Since 2011, français police ont received end 900 possible sightings de Dupont de Ligonnès et in 2015, a Nantes journalist received a picture de his sons, Arthur et Benoit, v a handwritten noter which read: “I un m still alive.”

Some think that Dupont de Ligonnès is laying meugler in France, v there being countless reported sightings de him in thé country. In 2016, policier began a manhunt for the murder deviner after his likeness to be picked up conditions météorologiques a casino’s CCTV camera in Neris-les-Bains.

Two years later, policier raided a monastery in the bourgade where Dupont du Ligonnès to be last seen after numerous church-goers reported see him. They quickly determined yet that auto person spotted was in reality a monk that looked like auto aristocrat.

Another potential theory involves Dupont de Ligonnès fleeing venir South America, as Martin pointed out in Unsolved Mysteries that he knew sufficient Spanish and English venir start a new sapin in the country. Dupont aux Ligonnès friend Bruno de Stabenrath likewise believes this theory.

However, follow to thé Sun, police believe the Dupont du Ligonnès may ont undergone plastic surgery and started a new sapin in Scotland.

In October last year, a homme on a trip from paris was arrested at Glasgow plane after Interpol educated that a passenger was utilizing a steal passport venir travel. However, the arrested homme was confirmed not venir be Dupont ns Ligonnès and released without charge.

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While it doesn’t seem as though there are currently any kind of concrete leads as to Dupont ns Ligonnès’ location, there’s ne sont pas doubt the viewers ns Unsolved Mysteries will currently be nous the lookout.